Business consulting


Your business certainly works well. At the same time, our experiences show that the profit efficiency of every company can be further enhanced by optimizing one or more business lines and by developing the workforce. We carry out a full efficiency screening, which clearly demonstrates whether your business processes work optimally, or it is worth improving or strengthening in a particular area.
Determining business and other management consultancy

- Advice for business and other organizations
- Guidance and assistance in matters of leadership such as: corporate strategy and organizational planning, redesigning the business process, modernizing the management
- Cost reduction and other financial solutions
- Developing, designing and practical application of marketing policies
- Development, practical application and planning of human resources policy
- Wage and retirement planning strategy
- Scheduling the production and control planning
The business management service may include advice, guidance, and operational support for your business:
- Enterprise system method and process
- Planning a cost accounting program and budget control procedure
- Business management consulting and assistance in areas related to planning, organization, efficiency and control, management and management information systems

The essence of our consulting activity

Pannon Corporation Ltd. is a consultancy firm specialized in solving problems of small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations, providing concrete, tangible and measurable assistance to its clients. Pannon Corporation Ltd. carries out a full screening of its clients and provides a comprehensive analysis of possible problems and their solutions. They covers range from the most cost-effective measures to long-term marketing, finance and product design, and include the establishment of well-functioning administrative records and statistical systems for management, as well as the design and comprehensive integration of accounting-related documents.

Micro and medium-sized enterprises

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises face a number of problems (lack of capital, limited funding opportunities, hectic market changes, declining demand, intensifying competition, recurrent economic crisis, etc.). We know from experience that there are solutions to these problems:
- better understanding of economic processes
- increasing market responsiveness
- getting to know and anticipating international trends
- recognizing and putting the individual values, competitive advantages of the business into practice
- clarification of potential consumer groups
- developing an "aggressive" corporate concept.

Pannon Corporation can help with these issues.

Our advisory services in headlines

Drafting your own image of an enterprise
Business concept to be develop
Market positioning of given services
Increase flow and specific revenue
Customized sales concepts
Development vendible service structures
Formulating marketing messages
Cost-effective advertising strategy
Concurrence analysis and competition strategy
Efficient and motivated team
Utilizing the benefits of the Internet
Corporate strategy objectives
Business and action plans
International contacts


Our advise includes our creative thinking and market sense of reality at the same time. We clearly understand the importance of marketing and marketing communication, whose success depends on the following key issues:

Will this target segmentation accurately determine our target markets?
Can we position our products or services properly?
Do we manage to find and communicate effectively our advantages with our clients, that can be clearly distinguished from our competitors (USP)?
Can we find the methods that lead to the most cost-effective market?
Do we handle our hard-to-obtain market information?
Are we building our sales channels appropriately?
Do we use the opportunities and benefits of online marketing and e-business?

Strategic and business planning

We think that small business planning should be clear and transparent, and only three questions should be answered:
1. Where are we now?
2. Where do we want to keep it after certain time?
3. How do we get there?
This philosophy is confirmed by the successful implementation of many due diligence, feasibility studies and business plans.

Preparation and development of corporate strategies and action plans
Preparing feasibility studies
Preparation and development of business plans
Business due diligence

HR and organization development

Organizational issues are considered not only to be a matter of building a business, but of coordinating the related practical system of tasks (research, planning, sales, operation, administration, financing). Our many years of experience are largely based on organizational transformation of companies of different sizes, introduction of new organizational models, especially the efficient sale of the company's own products. Suggestions for transforming your existing business relationship system helps to optimize the requirements of the hierarchy – tasks – workforce triangle.

Research and gathering informations

We strengthen our many years of research experience by gaining and organizing additional information that is of utmost importance for a business. In our opinion, information that is well-grouped on the basis of goals and preferences for small businesses can provide proper guidance for the future. Until the deductions are made, the road leads to detailed analyzes, with two decades of business experience and effective techniques.

Design and implementation of market research
Preparation of feasibility and other studies
Data collection
Product and service analysis
Provider audit
Analysis of existing and potential new markets
Economic Impact Assessment
Competition Analysis

Our counseling service is increasingly focused on IT-based reorganization of all business activities. In recent years, the exceptional efficiency gains of info-communication applications have become clear to all business organizations, and this is an unprecedented growth for the SME sector. An important question is when we extend them to each part of our business, entering the world of total communication and more successful sales than ever before. In our business-oriented consulting we put the traditionally important business needs to a new light with the help of IT:
1. Complete information supply
2. Interactive communication
3. Customized tourism services according to personal profiles
4. Online payments
5. Continuous presence

Project Management

In order to achieve a successful goal we have to operate complex activity systems: in our practical experience-based consulting we offer complex solutions, which are also called project management. Counseling follows the entire project process from preparation (objective, target variations, feasibility analysis, business plan, marketing plan, financial plan, contracts, offers, etc.) to implementation (product planning, business policy and sales channels, promotional practice, etc.).

Quality Management (TQM, ISO)

Long-term success is an indispensable prerequisite for the quality reinterpretation of every single business and service, even at the expense of radical changes. Full quality management covers all products, services, processes (administration, communication, distribution, planning, manufacturing, marketing, training, etc.) and people because quality can only be achieved with a holistic approach. In our advisory activity, our ISO auditor qualification and our proven quality assurance experience together provide a well-founded professional background.
Where exactly can we help?

Flow plan
Cost plan
Marketing plan
Advertising plan
Product plan
Acquisition plan
Project plans
Travel plan

Own product

Product planning and production of a new product
Current products
Old Products
Other product
Reseller policy
Reseller contracts
Own Offices - Resale
Calculation system
Relationships, communication

Internal-external connection system
Communication system
Access to databases
Circular letters


Stock orders
Personnel Records
Partner register
Databases - Partner Companies
Organizational memberships
Product informations


Product groups
Own products
Foreign products
Sales promotions

List of offers
Payment Documents
Daily document samples
Request for quotation, booking
Offering, confirmation
Invitation patterns

Finance 1

Billing - Invoice Account
Statements (Buyer, Supplier, Current Account)
Receivables, receivables records
Records of debts and referrals
VAT records
Liquidity and Cash Flow Records
Exchange rates

Finance 2

settlements with
Service providers
Own offices

Cash register
Payment and deposit certificates
HUF cashier
Exchange offices
Cash journal


Reporting system
Statistics by category
Temporal statistics
Specificity statistics
Business statistics